Fitness Challenge


Dear Teachers,

Let's get moving!!!

For now all gyms are closed!

Being at home and not moving can have serious consequences…

So hereby an invite to take part in the yoga/sport challenge!!

Although it is optional… we look forward to all of you joining!!

🏋‍♂Go Team!!!!🎉

Every morning Chris, Zachar and/or Artem, will post a video of an exercise for inspiration… something like a squat, or a burpee or an exercise you can easily do at home!

You can do this… and then follow up with your own routine!

You can also follow our friend Tenielle on insta @ten_ellie she is doing yoga every morning at 8am Dutch time!

There are also plenty of instagram accounts and websites that can help you with working out!

Here are a few links and accounts:

The Challenge

For every 10 second video you get 1 point
For every time-lapse of a work out you get 3 points
For doing this at least 15 times before April 6th you get an extra 10 points.
For every post on insta with a link/# to @teddykids gets 1 point

Join this group (

Every day do a 10 min work out or longer! (This is on trust basis)!
A video of at 15 second exercise is sufficient.

You must be wearing sports clothing and it should be clear that you are working out!
An “active” dance workout is also allowed.
As long as you are moving!

This is for fun
This is for your health
This is to stay connected
This is to be better and stronger together!

Happy moving!!


The top sporty teacher gets €100 to spend on sportwear.

The 2 runners up get €50 of sportwear.

Everybody who joins at least 6 times gets 1 hour added as a bonus!


The Leaderboard will be here, please help us fill it in!

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