How can I swap days, switch days, catch up days I missed, etc, etc.

Teddy Kids always allows parents to re-use missed days within 30 days, provided there is space available and it is communicated through Zaycare at least 1 workday (24 Hours from 07:00, excluding weekends) in advance.

UPDATE: Rules have changed from 1st April 2019

You receive credit for the value of the missed day (Reserved hours x hourly rate) - Please be aware that this doesn't always correspond with the newly booked swap day.

Missed days must be marked as such within the Zaycare system - the responsibility to do so lies solely with the parent, we do not take responsibility for info being updated late. You take responsibility for your swap requests and you will be rewarded with swaps!.

Please be advised that after confirming a "Not Coming/Vacation/etc" day in Zaycare, this day becomes available to other parents and credit may be added to your account (provided it was done in time). This means that you forfeit your right to use the reserved day(s). If a mistake has been made please let us know ASAP so we can reset the information.

  • Missed days cannot be financially compensated nor exchanged with already booked contract days.
  • Contracted flexible days, half days (07:30-13:00 // 13:00-18:30), or any other type of days cannot be extended with credit nor will credit be awarded for shortened contract days.
  • Booked "Extra" days are final and will not be credited.
  • If you are swapping more than 25% of your fixed schedule, we reserve the right to switch you to our flex tariff, be advised this may lead to higher costs.
  • Extra days are always based on our standard times and standard pricing.
  • N.B. If you have more than a month outstanding in dues, the right to book extra days + use credit is suspended.
  • N.B. The credit system is a bonus on top of our regular service, we reserve the right to change the rules at any time.