Making Payments

When are payments due?

Payments are expected in advance, by the 25th of the previous month. The payment for February is due on January 25th, and so on.

Paying in advance reserves your child’s space at Teddy Kids and enables us to offer you unmatched flexibility with your child's schedule, our full package of services, and more! Like, lots of cool experiences and lessons and fun and fabulousness.

Why is there more than one payment a month?

At the end of the month, any remaining balance will be listed in Zaycare. A balance remaining can occur for a few reasons, such as and not limited to:

  • number of days in the month
  • any cancelled days
  • any extra days
  • used vouchers
  • changes to your contract
  • changes in school schedules (strikes, study days, shortened days, to name a few).

So, remaining balances are very common!

Why am I paying a different amount every month?

This can be for several reasons. See above. :)

How can I make payments?

We accept cash, direct debit, bank transfer, iDEAL and BitCoin. Our preferred payment method is direct debit (‘automatische incasso’). Read more about how to set up direct debit payments here.

Is direct debit available?

Yes! This is our preferred payment method. Read more about how to set up direct debit payments here.

My child is in after school care, so why are we paying for full days and holidays?

The Teddy Kids contract for after school care covers all weeks of the year, including school vacations. Teddy Kids is open every week of the year, excluding national holidays and Leids Ontzet (3 October).

It is our policy to offer a full-year programme to ensure a full curriculum and care—designed by trained, qualified and dedicated staff—for all families all year round. It is our vision that all Teddy Kids families have a place to call home at any time of year.

In addition, we remind parents that more than half of our pedagogical staff is permanent staff, meaning our teachers are compensated for all weeks of the year (that’s 52-53 weeks depending on the calendar year), including vacations, sick days, and standard benefits, as well as professional development courses, according to the rules by the CAO for childcares. We also choose to offer more courses to maintain the high standard of care and curriculum that our Teddy Kids Community has come to know, to love, and to expect.

Full days only
When school is out of session, for a public holiday, study day, teacher strike, summer holiday or other reason, Teddy Kids after school care offers only full-day care. No half days are available for after school care when school is closed.

School holidays
You will be billed for school holidays, even times when you are away on vacation. This enables us to offer a full curriculum and care to all children all year round. Finally, this policy ensures your child has a space at Teddy Kids.

Families who do not require childcare during school vacations are asked to mark those days as absent as soon as possible. Changes made in Zaycare in time will receive a fabulous bonus option in accordance with the bonus option rules described later.

Strike days and study days
When school is out of session, for a teacher strike or study day, Teddy Kids offers only full-day care. These days special days are automatically booked for your child.

Families who do not require childcare for such special days are asked to mark those days as absent as soon as possible. Changes made in Zaycare in time will receive a bonus option following the bonus option rules.

How can I see the payments I've made?

Go to your child's profile and then click on the Wallet tab to see all transactions.

I made a payment but I don’t see it in Zaycare. What do I do?

We're here for you! If you make a payment and don't see it, let us know and we'll look into it for you.

Hmm… Something is still incorrect!

  • Did you have cancelled days? Were they cancelled in time?
 (You can check this by scrolling to the bottom of any given month.)
  • Remember to check extra day price after vouchers have been applied.

Have you checked everything you can on your own and still feel something is amiss? Just send us a message and will take a look and get it all sorted. Write to