Extra Days!

Who makes changes to my schedule?

You do!

You can and should make your own schedule changes using your Zaycare account!

How can I book Extra Days?

Select a day with a green dot (meaning there is space that day for your child!) and click Book!

What do all the colors mean?

Blue are Contract days, Extra Days will appear grey.
Green dot on a day means there is space for your child, Red means it is full for the moment.

Booking extra days is final (and not swappable if you want to cancel later), so be sure!!

Here's why you should do this yourself!

The kids in the group are the first priority for the teachers, your schedule is your responsibility!


Extra Days are final, non-creditable and non-swappable! So be sure before you book them!

You will see this message every time you try to book an extra day in Zaycare!

We are here for you!

Is there a problem with Zaycare? Admin wants to hear about it!
Do you see recurring extra days that should be contract days? Let admin know and we'll fix it!
Need a bit of extra tutoring in using Zaycare? Stop by the office, we offer free classes :)