Extra Days

At Teddy Kids, we’re flexible! We want to create a childcare schedule that works for your family. If you need to book extra days to your child’s schedule, let us know as soon as possible.

Who can book extra days to my child’s schedule?

You can! Parents can and should make your own schedule changes using your Zaycare account.

How can I book Extra Days?

Select a day with a green dot (meaning there is space that day for your child) and click Book!

Booking an extra day is final and cannot be exchanged if you want to cancel later, so be sure when you book.

What do all the colors mean?

Blue = Contract days

Grey = Extra Days

Green dot = space available to book your child

Red dot = full for the moment, not possible to book at this time

Can the teacher book the extra days for me?

We ask that parents be responsible for changes to your schedule in Zaycare as soon as possible. The children in the group are the first priority for the teachers.

What’s the rule about extra days?

Extra Days are final and cannot be exchanged for other days. Cancelling an extra day will not result in a voucher. So be sure before you book them. You will see this message every time you try to book an Extra Day in Zaycare:

What if I want this extra day every week from now on?

Remember, we’re flexible! Booking an extra day here and there is no problem. If you need to book extra days on a permanent basis, however, then you must request a change to your contract by sending an email to hello@teddykids.nl. We’re happy to create the schedule that best suits your family.

What other rules apply to missed days, extra days and vouchers?

  • The responsibility to inform Teddy Kids of missed days lies solely with the parent; we do not take responsibility for information being updated late.
  • Missed days cannot be financially compensated nor exchanged with already booked contract days. For example, a voucher from a Monday may not be used for a future Monday; a voucher from a Tuesday may not be used for a future Tuesday, and so on.
  • Contracted flexible days, half days (07:30-13:00 // 13:00-18:30), or any other type of days cannot be extended with vouchers nor will vouchers be awarded for shortened contract days.
  • Days booked "Extra" are final and will not be awarded vouchers.
  • Extra days are always based on our standard times and standard pricing.
  • 100% of the value of a cancelled contract day is reserved for future use only if the schedule change was requested in Zaycare at least 1 workday in advance (24 hours from 07:00, excluding weekends).
  • Vouchers from cancelled contract days are valid for 30 days after the cancelled contract day.
  • Vouchers from cancelled contract days becomes applicable from the date of the cancelled contract day, not before. For example, if you cancel October 15th, then you may only apply that voucher for October 16th or later. This is true even if you cancelled the October 15th contract day one day or one week or one month in advance.
  • Extra days are only possible provided there is space available.
  • Vouchers for extra days are only awarded provided that the schedule change was requested at least 1 workday in advance (24 hours from 07:00, excluding weekends).
  • Booking extra days is only possible provided there are no outstanding invoices.
  • There is no extra charge from Teddy Kids to book extra days.
  • If you change more than 25% of your fixed schedule in a particular month, we reserve the right to switch you to our flex tariff; be advised this may lead to higher costs.

Note- If you have more than a month outstanding in dues, the right to book extra days or use vouchers is suspended.
Note - The voucher system is a bonus on top of our regular service; we reserve the right to change the rules at any time.

Can you help me further?

Is there a problem with Zaycare? Admin wants to hear about it! Do you see recurring extra days that should be contract days? Let us know and we'll fix it. Need a bit of extra tutoring in using Zaycare? Stop by the office, we offer free classes. :)