What is a pro forma invoice?

Paying in advance reserves your child’s space at Teddy Kids and enables us to offer you unmatched flexibility with your child's schedule. You will therefore receive a pro forma invoice, a “good faith estimate” of the childcare services that will be provided based on your booked contract days.

For example, if your contract agreement states that your child is booked for two full days a week in daycare, then you will receive an invoice for the month that assumes full attendance for those regularly booked contract days, and only those days, for every week in that month. A pro forma invoice calculation for such a contract would therefore look something like this for the month of September:

You would therefore be asked to pay for these 8 days in advance, by the 25th of the previous month. The final figure will be made available at the end of every month, based on days reserved and the following possible fluctuations:

  • Number of days in the month
  • Cancelled days & extra days
  • Changes to your contract

Note! If you book extra days in addition to your child's regularly booked contract days, then you may be asked to make additional payments for those extra days. It may also be possible to apply vouchers to those extra days. Read more here about changing days and using vouchers.

Where can I find my invoice?

Every month you will receive an email from Teddy Kids with a link to that month's invoice. You can also go directly to your child's profile and then click on the Invoice tab to see all invoices for the year.

Oops, I paid the wrong invoice! What do I do?

No worries if you pay the wrong invoice. All payments received are attributed first to any open balances. If there are no open balances it will be attributed to future months. You can always look at the Balance to see that payments have been counted.

Why do I see underpayments and over payments after I have paid?

Underpayments and overpayments occur due to the energy company style billing we use — the pro forma invoice. An invoice is prepared on the 25th of each month, based on the expected costs for the following month, a “good faith estimate” of attendance based on your contract. However, Teddy Kids allows flexibility (with canceling and booking extra days) and those changes can affect the final amount.

Read more about your pro forma invoice in the Payments section here.

Why do I see a payment request after booking an extra day?

If you book an extra day for your child, you have the option of paying for that extra day immediately or paying later. If you have direct debit ("automatische incasso") enabled, then the payment for the extra day will be deducted soon after.

If you book extra days in the current month and choose the option to “Pay Later”, then the payment for that extra day will be noted in Zaycare as overdue. This “overdue” alert appears because our billing policy requires invoices to be paid in advance, by the 25th of the previous month. For example, the payment for the month of September is due by August 25th.

If you book an extra day for your child in September, after already paying the September monthly invoice, then you will accrue an additional payment request for that extra day. Of course, we understand that plans change and our balance system allows for changes such as booking extra days. This “overdue” payment is therefore due in 30 days from the day you booked the extra day.

Remember, whenever possible, all days for one month should be paid in the previous month.

What is an Average fee and an Actual fee?

At Teddy Kids, flexibility is number 1. We offer two different fee types, depending on what works best for your family. Let us know your preference as we arrange your contract.

Means that you pay for the contracted days planned during the month, but as every month has a different amount of days, your invoice will fluctuate.

Looks at the total planned for the year and divides evenly between the remaining months. This means you pay a fixed amount per month (as in the current system). There is often a discrepancy due to contractual changes, using vouchers, booking extra days, etc.

You can check your current fee type by viewing your monthly invoice and finding “payment option”.

Are you on Average or Actual and would like to change? Just let us know!

Can I really see all my information in Zaycare?

At Teddy Kids we believe in maximum transparency.You have constant access to your account and all payment information that we have on record through Zaycare. Using the Invoice and Payments tabs, parents can and should inspect your account.

Can you help me further?

Is there a problem with Zaycare? Admin wants to hear about it! Do you see a problem with your billing or payments? Let us know and we'll fix it. Need a bit of extra tutoring in using Zaycare? Stop by the office, we offer free classes. :)