Teddy Kids offers something truly special: Swap days!

Awesome! How do I get swap days?

Go to the Planning tab in Zaycare, you can select days and mark your child as Not Coming.

Great! I see the credits, how do I apply them to an Extra Day?

Select the Extra Day and click Apply Credits!

Oh no, I clicked Not Coming, instead of Vacation or Sick. Does is matter?

Nope :) In terms of credit, all that matters is that you cancel 24 hours before 7h!

Where will I see my swap days?

In the Invoice tab, click on any month and scroll down to see your Cancelled Day (Swaps).

My child has to miss a half day in creche, can I swap a half day?

In short, no, not in the creche.

Thanks, I got all of that, why are the swap days not being counted?

  • First, have a look in the Invoice tab for the month in which you cancelled the days and check at the bottom if they were cancelled In Time, (meaning at least 24 hours ahead).

  • Then have a look at the top just above Actual Price and you will see Extra Day
    Price After Swaps. There you will see the calculation with the extra days minus swap credits.

Hang on, if I have swaps, why are they still listed as Extra Days?

Because admin! :) Days outside your contract days will always be listed as Extra Days.

Keep in mind

  1. From June 1st, swap days are valid for 30 days
  2. If I cancel April 15th, I can not swap that day for April 14th. 30 days from April 15th.
  3. Credit from cancelled days becomes applicable from the cancelled day!

Thanks, but something is truly off.

We are here for you! If you have tried on your own and something is still not right, just send admin a message and we will be more than happy to have a look for you!

Read more about how swaps work in the link below:

Swap help section