You will receive a pro forma invoice for the coming month where payment is due on 25th of the previous month.

For example, the bill for September is due August 25th!

NB: €25 administrative fee for late & cancelled payments.

Oops, I paid the wrong invoice, can it be refunded?

No worries if you pay the wrong invoice. All payments received are attributed first to any open balances, and if there are no open balances it will be attributed to future months.

Why am I paying a different amount every month?

This can be for several reasons. The monthly cost is not fixed and can fluctuate based on:

-Number of days in the month

-Cancelled days & Extra days

-Changes in contract

-Paying on Average versus Actual - (see the section Actual & Average [link])

Ok, but something is still incorrect!

-Did you have cancelled days? Were they In Time?
(You can check this by scrolling to the bottom any given month)

-Remember to check Extra Day Price After Swaps!
(You can find that by clicking on any month and look just above Total Price

-You can only swap days in the future!
For example, if you cancel April 15th, you can swap for any day after April 15th, not before!!

----> Have you checked everything you can on your own and still feel something is a miss? Just send us a message and will be happy to take a look for you and get it all sorted out :)

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