What are my estimated totals?

Once your contract begins, Teddy Kids calculates a “good faith estimate” of your childcare usage for every month. This monthly estimate is based on your reserved hours for each month, or usage.

For example, if your contract states that your child is booked for three full days a week in daycare, then you will see an estimate in Zaycare for that usage for those reserved hours for the whole month.

When are payments due?

Payments are expected in advance, by the 25th of the previous month. The payment for February is due on January 25th, and so on.

Why are the payments due in advance?

Paying in advance reserves your child's space at Teddy Kids and enables us to offer you unmatched flexibility with your child's schedule, our full package of services, and more!
Like lots of cool experiences and lessons and fun and fabulousness.

Why am I making more than one payment a month?

At the end of the month, any remaining balance will be listed in Zaycare. A balance remaining can occur for a few reasons, such as and not limited to:

  • number of days in the month
  • any cancelled days
  • any extra days
  • used vouchers
  • changes to your contract
  • changes in school schedules (strikes, study days, shortened days, to name a few).

So, remaining balances are very common!

Why am I paying a different amount every month?

This can be for several reasons. The monthly cost is not fixed and can fluctuate based on:

  • Number of days in the month
  • Cancelled days & Extra days
  • Changes to your contract
  • Paying on Average versus Actual (Read more in the section Fee Types).

Why do I see a payment request after booking an extra day?

If you book an extra day for your child, you have the option of paying for that extra day immediately or paying later. If you have direct debit ("automatische incasso") enabled, then the payment for the extra day will be deducted that day.

If you book extra days in the current month and choose the option to “Pay Later”, then the payment for that extra day will be noted in Zaycare as overdue. This “overdue” alert appears because our billing policy requires invoices to be paid in advance, by the 25th of the previous month. For example, the payment for the month of September is due by August 25th.

If you book an extra day for your child in September, after already paying the September monthly invoice, then you will accrue an additional payment request for that extra day. Of course, we understand that plans change and our balance system allows for changes such as booking extra days. This “overdue” payment is therefore due in 30 days from the day you booked the extra day.

Remember, whenever possible, all days for one month should be paid in the previous month.

Read more about booking extra days here.

Hmm… Something is still incorrect!

Have you checked everything in Zaycare and still feel something is amiss? Just send us a message at and we will investigate any discrepancy in the amount.

Reminder that finding any discrepancy with an amount does not entitle you withhold payment to Teddy Kids. Any discrepancies can always be investigated and amounts under investigation will always lead to a satisfactory resolution. Refunds are always honoured when appropriate. Thank you.