What kind of creche contracts do you offer?

Whole days: 7:30 – 18:30 / Half days: Morning 7h30-13:00 Afternoon 13:00-18h30.

That's great, is there any more flexibility available?

On demand, we can extend the hours by 15 minute blocks so you could drop off as early as 7:00 or pick up as late as 19:00. But this needs to be discussed beforehand.

Flexible hours: Additionally, we offer flexible hours, which come at an additional fee of 1 euro
per hour (these contracts are limited and not always available). This essentially
means you can choose your own hours between 7:00 and 19:00, subject to

What is the penalty for stopping a contract?

We thought, let's make life simpler for everyone! Thus, there is no penalty, no commitment. Want to stop coming to creche tomorrow? Shouldn't be a problem, just let us know!

However, keep in mind that once we stop your contract, your space is no longer yours!