April 1st 2019 - Zaycare 2.0

Dear parents,

The past few months we’ve collected your feedback, with many parents being actively involved in designing new feature ideas. We’re proud to say we’ve completed (99% done) a major upgrade to the app including an overhaul to how credits are applied, viewed, and labeled!

Migration of all data begins March 29 end of day, Zaycare will not be available during the weekend.
From 1st of April (not a joke 🥳) the changes take effect, please read below for more info!

All changes are for simplicity and clarity... Zaycare is now also infinitely faster than it was before. 🙈🤦‍♂

Payments are now visually split by Contract, Extra and all.

Contract - The reserved child-spot with agreed days.
This should always be paid on time, the 25th of the previous month (we send invoices a month in advance).

Extra - Extra days after credits have been applied.
It can happen that something doesn't add up, e.g. a day was booked by mistake. In most case it's correct but we have split it up so that in case you feel we need to discuss something, we can. This balance should be settled by the 25th + 1 month.

The pro forma invoice is always available for you to check, we ask that you do so. Should something be in need of adjustment, we can always do so free of charge, provided it's done on time.

N.B. extra days are always listed, even if there has been a swap applied against it. Our system works by (contract days) + (extra days - swaps) = total price.

Credits are now manually applied on a day.

You can see if an extra day has been credited partially or fully.
If you booked an extra day and later credit became available, it will "sparkle" and you can click on it to apply credit!

This way you can easily keep track of which days are paid for! This wasn't possible before, as we just applied it on the total, so much confusion was created. It should now be crystal clear!

We’ll be transitioning back to the official 30 days credit validity rule, since you've been used to credit being available for up to 2 months, we'll do the following:

Until 31st May - Swaps are valid for two months
From 1st June - Swaps are valid for one month

The validity is viewable in the “Swaps” tab in your child’s profile - now you’ll know exactly how long they’re available and how much is available!

Not new, but the next image shows a feature already present in Zaycare - showing you if a day has been marked as absent on time (this is found in each month's invoice page):

We have done our best to make sure everyone has the correct amount of credit carried over, however if you see anything strange or think you deserve a credit we will gladly help and fix everything! So please don’t worry, we’re here for you, all existing swapped days are still valid under the previous conditions!

For emphasis and clarity: Everything remains as is! For any changes from April 1st, the new conditions will apply!

We ask that everyone check the balances of 2017, 2018 and settle outstanding amounts, in case we owe you please send us an email. :))

We hope you like the upgraded system, and of course if you have comments please let us know!!

For questions, comments, requests please email admin@teddykids.nl

❤️Your Teddy Kids & Zaycare Team